10. How TT secures its own transparency?

We always publish information transparently through proper channels. Our website provides an overview of our organization, our history, our accountability (eg. funding and finance) and our programmes. Interested media can visit our newsroom to grasp speeches, opinions and presentations we have made in our events or events that our staff have attended.


9. How TT ensures its own accountability?

We are accountable to our donors, partners and all other stakeholders such as citizens, other interested CSOs and government agencies. We ensure our accountability by delivering fully our commitments in partnership and cooperation with relevant stakeholders and through various reporting channels. We also develop and implement our Monitoring & Evaluation tool to guarantee these commitments.

8. Are there any opportunities for me to work/do an internship in TT?

Yes, of course. We appreciate the important contribution we have received so far from our staff, volunteers and interns. Beside, TT is growing and likely to recruit more in future. Please visit our website to keep yourself updated with this information.

7. Is TT a donor? Can I apply for project funding?

TT is not a donor. We only support and promote initiatives on anti – corruption, transparency, accountability and integrity in partnership with other Vietnamese organisation. TT’s role is to provide technical support and to facilitate limited financial support from the TI Secretariat as part of the TI Vietnam programme. If you believe that you have a sound project idea, contact us and we will consider supporting you either technically or financially.

6. How is TT funded?

TT does not receive funding directly. The TI Vietnam Programme 2013-2015 currently coordinated by TT receives funding support from AusAid, DFID, IrishAid, Embassy of Finland and NORAD. As part of this programme, TT receives financial support from TI Secretariat for its work to support the local implementation of the programme. For detailed information, please refer to the TI Vietnam programme budget.

5. Who are TT’s main partners?

We work in close cooperation and collaboration with stakeholders from Government, academia, media, business community and civil society.

4. What are TT’s program priorities? What is the role of TT in national anti-corruption plan?

Our program priorities over the period 2013 – 2015 include:

We play as an non-governement and constructive actor contributing to the national anti-corruption plan. For example: With the support and cooperation of UNDP and in close consultation with the Government Inspectorate, TT has collected and analyzed inputs from selected experts working in a number of domestic universities, research institues and social organizations to support the Government’s UNCAC self-assessment. (Read our full report here.)

3. What do you do to fight against corruption in Vietnam? Do you investigate corruption cases? I have a problem with XYZ agency – can TT help?

We have standard working approach to complete our mission, including:

  • Promoting concrete solutions to improve transparency, accountability and integrity
  • Strengthening the voice and participation of people in anti – corruption efforts
  • Using evidence from high – quality research and adapting internationally recognized practice and tools to Vietnam’s context and its national anti – corruption strategy.
  • Building partnership and cooperation with diverse stakeholders from government agencies, civil society, business community and mass media

TT does not investigate specific corruption cases. For people engagemet and civil support, we promote supporting mechanisms such as the Advocacy and Legal Advice Centres (ALAC) approach that has been applied by TI in 60 countries over the world.

2. What is the relationship between TI and TT? Are you mother and child organization?

In March, 2009 TT became national contact of Transparency International (TI) in Vietnam. TT supports TI Secretariat in Berlin, Germany to coordinate TI’s programme in Vietnam.

1. How and when was TT founded? Is TT a company or an NGO?

Founded in 2008, TT is a Vietnamese consultancy company. TT’s operation is totally independent and not for profit purposes, aimed to contribute to national anti – corruption efforts in Vietnam. TT believes that corruption hurts everybody and Vietnamese civil society plays an essential role in preventing and fighting against it.

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