People and Youth Engagement


TT works with various stakeholders to engage people, in particular youth, to promote transparency and integrity in Vietnam by:

Partnering with relevant stakeholders to equip young people with better understanding of corruption and anti – corruption

  • Partnering with Hoa Sen University and FACE Club (For A Clean Education) to promote academic integrity and transparency in education administration and management.
  • Partnering with CECODES and Live & Learn to conduct Youth Integrity Survey in Vietnam in 2011 and 2014 studying understanding, experience with corruption and behaviour, which constitute to integrity of Vietnamese youth.

Supporting youth to practice integrity

  • Partnering with SAGE – Brand and Communications Academy to organise Integrity Me Contest, the very first communications contest which encourages youth to learn and start to act with integrity.
  • Providing in-depth research on corruption and developing handbooks sharing local and international experience on anti-corruption education for youth.
  • Providing technical support for youth-led initiatives:

Youth Box Channel (YBO) is an initiative led by youth who are passionate for communications. They believe that by using creative communications strategies, they can bring about positive change to wider society.

Humans of Integrity (HI) is a project initiated by a group of Vietnamese youth who attended of the first International Youth Camp – Youth Empowerment for Transparency and Integrity (YETI) held in Cambodia in January 2015. By collecting and spreading inspirational stories about integrity, honesty and kindness, HI gives youth a great opportunity to share their thoughts, experiences, wishes about integrity, and inspires them to act ethically in their daily life.

Supporting legal advice on corruption – related issues and advocating for efficient policies and practice on whistleblowers protection

  • Partnering with VIJUSAP on establishment and coordination of Advocacy and Legal Advice Centre (ALAC) to provide free legal advice for the poor, the disadvantaged, and victims of corruption.

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