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Towards Transparency (TT), the national contact of Transparency International (TI) in Vietnam, is pleased to present the second edition of Transparency in Corporate Reporting (TRAC), made possible thanks to the funding provided by Oxfam in Vietnam.

Following TI's rigorous methodology, the TRAC Vietnam Report 2018 is an independent research, based on information publicly disclosed on companies’ websites. It assesses the 45 largest companies’ disclosure practices, in line with international standards and regardless of their sector of activity or their ownership structure. The report investigates the extent of information published by companies on anti-corruption programme, organisation structure and key financial information on country-by-country basis. The surveyed companies equally comprise foreign invested, publicly listed and state-owned companies.
Year of Publication2018

Business Integrity in High-tech Parks in Vietnam: a Survey Report

Hanoi, 14 August 2018. Towards Transparency launched a survey report of “Business integrity in high-tech parks in Vietnam”, providing a snapshot of bribery challenges faced by companies in the high-tech parks located in Hanoi, Da Nang and Ho Chi Minh City, as well as the measures put in place to mitigate these risks.

The survey results suggest that companies operating in an environment promoting integrity can avoid or limit their engagement in bribery. Indeed, all companies interviewed recognized that such an environment exists in the three high tech parks, where Boards of Management took initiatives in streamlining administrative procedures and supporting companies in dealing with bribery. The survey also shows that differences in size and origin of companies affect the way corruption risks are tackled. Foreign companies are more experienced with regard to ethics and compliance policies, while most local companies still lag behind, but are increasingly interested to develop internal compliance systems.

The survey report also provides recommendations to the high-tech parks’ Boards of Management and their tenant companies on how to further build a business integrity culture, emphasizing that high-tech parks’ experience could be replicated elsewhere in Vietnam.
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Year of Publication2018

RESIST: Training tool for ethics and compliance staff in business

RESIST: Resisting Extortion and Solicitation in International Transactions

Resist-Cover-ENRESIST is designed as a training tool to provide practical guidance for company employees on how to prevent and/or respond to an inappropriate demand by a client, business partner or public authority in the most efficient and ethical way.

RESIST identified 22 scenarios that illustrate a range of solicitation scenarios and how to respond the situations in a concrete and specific manner.

This RESIST tool will be of interest to all companies that may be exposed to solicitation risks in conducting international business, in particular small and medium enterprises which are more likely to receive bribe solicitation as they are more vulnerable than larger companies and have fewer resources to face such situations.

Within companies, this tool is mainly directed to those responsible for ethics, compliance and integrity training and to individual employees involved in sales, marketing and operations.
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Online training course: Doing business without bribery

This 1.5 hour online course provides comprehensive training on anti-corruption in the business sector.

Designed by top experts in the field, the course will provide companies with an effective tool to train their staff, including:

  • Information on international anti-corruption laws.
  • Practical examples of bribery in business.
  • Recommended solutions for specific situations.

Expected results at the end of the course:

  • Increased understanding about what is corruption and why anti-corruption is important.
  • Increased understanding of anti-corruption laws.
  • Increased awareness and predictions of bribery-prone situations; techniques to prevent and/or reject bribery and corruption.
  • Knowledge of practical approaches for reporting bribery and corruption.

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Business integrity platform

The business integrity platform comprises two effective online tools for use by members of the Saigon Hi-Tech Park (SHTP). Once registered, businesses can access:

  • Quick self-evaluation tool (Quick – SET):
    • Provides users with tools to assess the company’s integrity systems.
    • Evaluation results will encourage companies to review their policies and procedures related to corruption risks.
    • Evaluation results can be used as an internal and external reference point.
    • Users can choose to be anonymous.
  • The 6-star-ranking system based on the United Nation’s Global Compact (UNGC) 10 criteria:
    • Helps companies to promote their business integrity programme to partners and investor.
    • Stars symbolize the progress of the business integrity system in each company. Six stars is the highest level of achievement.
    • A company can only turn on a star when they have submitted the required documents as evidence.

>> Visit the business integrity platform at Saigon Hitech Park here.

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